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Sell Your Car

Sell your car

It is a common practice for most individuals to sell cars whenever they want to purchase a new one. Except you have a plan for the old car or you intend to keep it for business use, old cars are usually sold to another user and sometimes channel the money gained from selling the old car into a getting a new one.

Selling your car to an agent

Most car dealers or agents offer to purchase services. Whereby they can buy your old car if you are putting it up for sale. Selling to a car dealer is often straightforward and easy as you can easily identify a car dealer and negotiate your price.

Although selling a car to a car dealer is easy and more convenient, but most times the value of the car is always under-priced leading to you losing thousands of dollars on the sale.

Selling your car yourself

This method of selling a car might be more difficult or stressful than selling to an agent, but it helps you be in charge of the sale depending on your negotiation ability, you also stand a chance of getting the full value of your money.

Following the following steps can help you in getting your car sold:

  • Get your car ready: This is one of the first and most important steps while trying to sell your car, before you contact a buyer, you should get your car in good shape and ready to be sold.

This involves washing your car thoroughly and getting it well cleaned, you can do this professionally by going for a full car wash, this will make your car look valuable and more attractive in pictures.

  • Get a valuation: In setting the right sale price, you need to obtain an estimate of what your car is worth. You can get an estimate of your car value over the phone by calling car dealers to find out the current price. It is better to phone in two or more car dealers to get a reasonable set price for your car
  • Set up your private sale: This is the crucial part of the whole sales process. You can have known individuals around willing to buy your car, but if that is not that the case you might have to list your car online.

Various online sites run such a service, find a suitable one and list your vehicle. You need to include pictures of your car and some specifications, also write a short description of your car.

  • Connect with buyers: If your car is attractive and has reasonable pricing you are sure to get attention from reasonable buyers. You can make a guided choice from the amount offered by different buyers and select the best among the list of buyers.
  • Finalize: Finalize the sales by getting full or a part payment, the buyers usually pay for the vehicle after physical inspection and negotiation. You should only accept bank cheque, direct deposit or cash for your payment. To conclude the sales, you need to sign off the necessary documents of the car to the buyer.