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At energy ventures we deal with the sales of automobiles, we serve as brokers for the sale of vehicles. We believe strongly in the evolution of technological advancement and our niche of focus is on cars that revolutionize the energy sector and makes use of electric energy alone for their power consumption.

We play our part in the conservation of the earth by promoting the use and distribution of cleaner energy. We serve as brokers for the sale of electric cars in Australia, we partner with the global leading automobile industry who have championed the transformation of energy ventures and have implemented it into everyday life usage.

Some brand partners include:

  • AUDI
  • BMW
  • MINI

These brands have car models that run solely on electric power alone, the cars have in every way shown elegance by their performance both on-road and off-road, they offer a more sustainable way of driving the world in an ecosystem friendly manner. We are a top leading venture in the creation of opportunities for you to purchase an electric vehicle of your choice.

Energy venture is one of the leading promoters of sustainable energy and we do not only connect buyers and sellers to electric cars alone, we also provide full consultations that can assist our clients in getting one of these sophisticated vehicles.

We give consultations on the process of obtaining cars through options that will not put you in bankruptcy. Our consultation services extend to include:

Trade-ins: Trade-ins gives you the option of turning in your old model car to reduce the value of obtaining another car. The value of the old car pays part of the cost of the new one, the process can be carried out easily and smoothly. It saves you the extra cost of paying directly for the new car.

Novated lease: Novated lease is a great option of purchasing a car made majorly for employees, the process allows employees to pick any car of their choice, and in this case, we promote the purchase of an electric vehicle.

 The cost of purchasing the new car is deducted from the pre-tax salary of the employee which is paid by the employer. This option supports payment for ongoing maintenance and cost.

Car Finance: Car Finance allows you to obtain a loan directly from the bank or any other financial institution to pay for the purchase of a new car. A deal can also be made with the car dealer to set up a finance scheme for a car purchase or incentives.

Insurance: Insurance is important for the protection of purchased cars and covers the financial loss in the case of theft, damage or accidents.

Our team is ready to support you from the beginning of selecting an electric vehicle down to technical support and continuous maintenance.