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A renowned brokerage office in Australia

At Energy Ventures, we act as agent brokers in transactions that deal with electric vehicles, which are not limited to sale, trade-in, novated lease, purchase, insurance, and finance. Our services are readily accessible, and the process has got simpler over the internet. You only need to send us a mail or message through our contact details on the page. Regardless of your specifications, we maintain an extensive network of dealers and manufacturers both in and outside Australia. Energy Ventures is a reputable office in Australia with good years of experience. 

We have hardworking, reliable, and committed team members who share the same values, mission, and vision. We improve on our services constantly to help you create the best experience.


Electric Cars are in vogue now. Hence, different makers are taking the bold step to include such in their fleer connections. We examine a few of the pioneer brands, which include BMW, Tesla, Mercedes, etc.

Buy EV

Why should you engage our buying services? First, we have been in practice for as long as possible without any fraud scandal but great reviews. We are greatly concerned about the goodwill of our business and thus, do not compromise on quality. With your specifications, we can assist to own an electric car conveniently in less time.

Sell Your Car

Energy Venture offers sale services through her online site and offline network connections. To get started, kindly contact us through our contact page. We act as your agent brokers and help you conduct market research, evaluate your car, and connect you with buyers. Often, we help you conclude the contracts.


Another alternative to buying outrightly is known as Trade-in. In this case, you are giving out your used car in exchange for a new one and by paying a lesser fee. Your car value is deducted from the new car purchase price and additional commission that the dealer may add as interest.

Novated Lease

Novated lease is a working advantage where your employer pays for your vehicle lease and other costs from your salary. If you are indecisive about obtaining direct finance, this seems like the right option.

Car Finance

Unlike regular cars, electric cars are pretty on the high side. They are very expensive because of the luxury they offer. However, it should never discourage you. Therefore, there are various financing options to help you finance an electric car.


Electric cars are like other assets we insure. It is better to buy cover against unforeseen damages. It is as essential as purchasing the vehicle itself. Buying an insurance cover boosts your confidence and protects your vehicles against risks. Most importantly, it increases the lifespan of your car.